Why We Name Winter Storms

Since its inception during the 2012-2013 winter season, The Weather Channel has named winter storms that have produced significant impacts across the U.S. The science of naming winter storms follows a quantitative method to define potential winter-related impacts to the US on a national scale. Those criteria are based on longstanding warning protocols developed by National Weather Service offices and adjusted to local areas. The criteria to name includes either a certain minimum population or areal coverage impacted, namely a minimum of 2 million people or an area of at least 400,000 sq. km. (about the size of Montana) must be under or are expected to go under NWS Winter Storm Warnings.

Here’s a look at the 2017-2018 Winter Storm Names:

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  1. Dr. @tniziol, based on the scientific quantitative and qualitative components, here is the equation to name winter storms.
    Winter Storm Named = area under watch and/or warning + at least 12 hours long + minimum population of at least 2,000,000 people ± area coverage of at least 400,000 sq. km.

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