If You Haven’t Heard, This Is What You Should Do With Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

August 21, 2017 came and went at the blink of an eye. The anticipation and preparation for the total solar eclipse are both long gone. The only things that remain are the fun-filled memories, blurry crescent-shaped sun photos on your phone, and of course, your solar eclipse glasses. Instead of throwing out your sun-protecting shades, help out communities in need!

In 2019 there will be an eclipse in both Asia and South America, and there’s a way you can help them get ready. Astronomers Without Borders is an organization on a mission to make sure schools in those regions will be supplied with the proper eyewear. They aim to provide astronomy-related education and equipment to countries in need, and with an event as huge as a total solar eclipse, it’s never too early to prepare. The schools they want to distribute eclipse glasses to don’t have the resources to provide extra materials for students, so they’re collecting glasses and raising money so everyone can safely experience the event. To us, that’s more than enough reason to consider donating your pair!

If you’re hesitant because you’d like to use your glasses for America’s 2024 eclipse, keep in mind that most eclipse glasses have an expiration date. It’s pretty much a guarantee they won’t be good 7 years from now, so there’s really no point in keeping them around! For anyone interested in donating their glasses to schools in need, send them to Astronomers Without Borders’ corporate sponsor, Explore Scientific, based at 621 Madison Street, Springdale, Arkansas 72762.

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  1. Consider it done. My grands and I got great use out of them so only right to pay it forward . Thank you again. Cathy S

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