This Week in Weather 4/28/18-5/4/18

This week we got a mixed bag of weather across the country! Some places are still getting feet of snow while other places are breaking record high temperatures left and right! Check out the most impressive weather facts from the week below.

  • On Sunday, April 29, Indianapolis, IN officially fell to 30°, establishing a new record low for the date. This also marks the coldest temperature experienced in Indianapolis so late in the Spring since May 3, 2005 when the low was 29°.
  • Alpena, MI just finished their coldest April on record.  They’ve already started May with a record high temp. Not only the first 80 of the year it is also the first time they’ve topped 70 this year.
  • A little over 10″ of snow reported along the Front Range between Denver and Boulder on the morning of Thursday, May 3.
  • Cities across the northeast experienced a surge of record high temperatures this week. Here are a few of the stats from Wednesday, May 2:
    • Albany, NY: 90 (88 in 2001)
    • Atlantic City, NJ: 91 (88 in 2010)
    • Bradford, PA: 83 (80 in 2001)
    • Georgetown, DE: 90 (87 in 1986)
    • Syracuse, NY: 88 (86 in 2001)
  • Here are more record high temperature stats, from Thursday, May 3:
    • Atlantic City, NJ: 93 (89 in 2001)
    • Hartford, CT: 94 (93 in 2001)
    • Newark, NJ: 94 (91 in 2001)
    • Trenton, NJ: 91 (90 in 1913)
    • Scranton, PA: 89 (88 in 2010)

What sort of weather did you encounter this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. All of this is bogus without talking about climate engineering and the spraying of aluminum and barium on us. You are the original fake news channel. You have sold your souls to the devil.