This Week in Weather 4/8/17-4/14/17

It’s definitely starting to feel like spring across the country! Cities are breaking new record highs and reaching temperatures up to the 90s! Check out 10 interesting weather facts from the week:

  • First 90 of the year: Miami, FL reached 90° at the end of last week, which was 9 days early compared to their average first 90°. This was also their first 90 since October!
  • On Saturday, LaCrosse, WI was warmer than Miami, FL! LaCrosse’s high of 77° bested Miami’s of 75°.
  • Key West, FL is having it’s 2nd warmest start to April. Records go back to 1872.
  • Burlington, VT: First 80° in 173 days on Monday, April 10! (Since October 18)
  • At 11pm on Tuesday, April 11, it was still 71° in Portsmouth, MA!
  • Boston, MA: Saw their first 80° on Tuesday April 11, 3 weeks ahead of schedule! Average first 80 is May 4, and it took until May 25 last year to hit it.
  • Hartford, CT: Crushed their previous record high on April 11! New record 87, old record 79.
  • New York, NY: Saw their first 80° in 6 months… since mid-October!
  • The disappearing act, bye-bye snow! Caribou, ME record snow depth streak ended yesterday! 132 days with a foot or more of snow on the ground. Snow depth down to 7″.
  • From a wet west, to a parched Florida, nearly 34% of FL now in severe drought. The worst since 6/5/2012.

What weather did your area have this week? Check back next Friday for more fun weather stats!

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  1. Tuesday, April 11th, when southern New Hampshire got into the upper 80s and a lot of maine got way into the 70s, sea breeze held Camden’s high at 66 degrees . . . but yesterday, the wind was off shore and I got a high of 81–hottest April temperature on record in my 17 years of observing. However, the sea breeze did eventually hit, and it dropped into the lower 50s by 7pm! And by the way, local meteorologists are talking about some snow late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Won’t accumulate except way inland or in the mountains . . . but still . . . snow after 80 degrees???

  2. I’ve been loving the weather in S.E. La. Warm days, mostly sunny, beautiful cloud formations being pulled north from the gulf, coming back to shower down some rain. Nothing extreme, I’ll NOT complain! 🙂