This Week in Weather 8/10/19-8/16/19

From coast to coast, here are the biggest weather stats and facts from the week!

  • Little Rock, AR broke a 104-year-old rainfall record on Saturday, August 10. They received 3.87” of rain, beating out the previous record of 2.41” set in 1915.
  • On Sunday, August 11th, the hail that fell in Otis, CO tied the state record of 4.5 inches. This was grapefruit sized hail!
  • Lightning struck within 300 miles of the North Pole on Sunday, August 11. This is one of the farthest north lightning strikes in Alaska forecaster memory.
  • Galveston, TX hit an astonishing record for highest minimum temperature on Tuesday, August 13 when it didn’t get below 86° all day. This breaks the daily record and ties for highest minimum temperature ever recorded, which was set last week on August 8th!

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