This Week in Weather 5/4/19-5/10/19

It’s been so rainy recently that over 90% of the US is without drought! Rain records were being broken left and right this week. Check out the crazy weather stats below.

  • Chanute, KS experienced heavy rain on Monday, May 7. They received 4.98” between Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, with 4.23” dropping between 9 and 11pm (local time) alone!
  • Amarillo, TX was under a moderate severe weather risk on Monday, May 7. This is the first moderate risk for the city since May 18, 2010.
  • On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 8, Sugarland, TX recorded 6.5″ in just 50 minutes. According to meteorologist Jeff Lindner from the Harris County Flood District, “The maximum 1-hour rainfall rate during Harvey was 6.7″, so at least for the 1-hour rate, it’s very comparable to Harvey.”  
  • Spring who? On Wednesday, May 9, Duluth, MN received 8.3” of snow! This is the most snow the city has ever received over one day in May, with the next highest record being 5.5” recorded on May 10, 1902.
  • As of Thursday, May 9, 90.17% of the continental U.S. and 90.67% of total U.S are without drought. This is the first time since the Drought Monitor started that either has been above 90%!
  • On the night of Thursday, May 9, Las Vegas, NV received .4” of rain, making their annual total 4.20” of rain… Their average annual total is 4.19”! We’re not even half way through the year and they’ve already broken the average.

Watch The Weather Channel for your region’s forecast this weekend.