Weather Erupts

Volcanoes are one of nature’s most powerful and awe-inspiring forces. Now imagine what happens when you connect them with another of nature’s most powerful and awe-inspiring forces, weather. You get a lot of “wow” and some breathtaking science too. I claim to be fairly well versed in weather and climate, but this week’s guest on Weather Geeks really shared some new knowledge.

I think that most of us that love weather are familiar with the fact that volcanoes have certain interactions with weather. For example, the ash plumes can be a significant hazard to aviation when they are transported by upper level winds. However, let me ask you question. How many of you have ever heard of volcanic hail? ………………………….Exactly. It’s ok, we hadn’t either. Dr. Alexa Van Eaton is a physical volcanologist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Cascades Volcano Observatory. She joins us Sunday on Weather Geeks to discuss the complex interactions between volcanoes and the atmosphere. The fascinating discussion will introduce you to volcanic hail (yep, she even brought samples), volcanic lightning, and even volcanic microbes.

There is no way that you will watch this show and not learn something. I absolutely guarantee it. In the four years of doing Weather Geeks, some shows rank particularly high on the “geek” and “cool” meters. This is one of them.

Join us for an all-new episode of Weather Geeks this weekend. The show always airs Sunday at Noon ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT)  on The Weather Channel.

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