TWC Meteorologists: Then and Now

You’ve seen it all over Facebook and Twitter, but we’re doing the #10YearChallenge TWC-style! We’re comparing past headshots of some of The Weather Channel’s On-Camera Meteorologists to their latest ones. The difference ranges from 5 to 15 years! Take a look at their transformations below.

Stephanie Abrams

Mike Bettes

Liana Brackett

Jen Carfagno

Kelly Cass

Mark Elliot

Dr. Rick Knabb

Carl Parker

Mike Seidel

Alex Wallace

Chris Warren

Alex Wilson

Tevin Wooten

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  1. i like to help out the weather channel i will what happed i tell you about the wind in tidewater 5024 Gilbert Lane North Myrtle Beach From Melissa

  2. Why is there no photo of Maria Larosa. Is she still working for the Weather Channel ?

  3. You all look better 10 years later! Lucky people that don’t age. I didn’t luck out 10 years later.

  4. Hmm the guys look the same..😂 I love the evolution of hairstyles for the women where’s Jim cantore?

  5. Mike should pay up the lobster and champagne cause Alex knows her beer drinkers!! Good contest!

  6. All are great meteorologists and have aged well!! I like Stephanie and Jen’s hair better in their “then” photos…guess because I prefer the more “combed” look. Regardless all look great. AMHQ is my favorite way to start the day and
    I miss weather “shows” in the evening. I remember Stephanie in the evening, and Heather Tesh and Marshall in the morning, as well as Jim with hair. Keep up the great work and superb presentations. Thanks!!

  7. It’s weird seeing Mark Elliot with hair in his photo 10 years ago and no hair on the right! They all look good! The hair color change in Jen’s, Stephanie’s short hair and longer hair really stand out! It looks like Kelly’s and Alex’s hair color changed a little bit, but it’s hard to tell in the black and white photo of Alex

    1. @stephanieabrams has improved herself impeccably ten years later. I adore her ginger hair, her pearly whites, and her smile. Stephanie did it naturally, not by plastic surgery.  #goodobservationhuh 💁💋

  8. Love Stephanie Abrams looks better now she is the female I like best also Mike Bets still looks the same it is amazing how people change more than others

    1. I bet that if I were his wife Allison Chinchar, then she would say that her husband @mike-bettes looks ten times better today than he did ten years ago.  #tryingtoreadhermind 🤔🔮🤓

  9. Where are Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe?!!! I can’t believe you left them out.

    1. @carl-parker looks like he is Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, who will be on season two of “Celebrity Big Brother” this spring on CBS.  #themoochonTWC 👱🏻📺🤓

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