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For over 35 years, The Weather Channel has been dedicated to bringing you all the weather information you need right to your home, anywhere across the country. Our viewers make everything we do possible and we are so grateful for the constant support we’ve received throughout the past three and a half decades.  Now, we want to bring you even closer to the weather!

We want our passionate weather fans to fall even more in love with weather, connect with fellow weather geeks, and get even closer to The Weather Channel’s meteorologists.  That’s why we created We Love Weather, a community for casual weather fans who like to admire the beauty of Mother Nature as well as the ultimate weather geeks who just want to know more about the weather!

We feature weather-related stories and videos, have an entire gallery dedicated to fan weather photos, publish articles and videos featuring your favorite meteorologists from The Weather Channel and host a forum where people can ask their weather questions and get to know their fellow weather geeks.

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