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Quiz: Tell Us How You’d Spend a Snow Day & We’ll Tell You Which City to Visit Next

It’s always a good time to plan a vacation, especially when it involves an exotic, overseas city! Answer the questions about how you’d spend a day snowed in and we’ll reveal where you should take a trip to next.

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  1. I would never go to Bangkok Thailand or any Asian or a foreign country outside of first world countries like England France Germany etc And based on my answers I’m not much of a snow person and would rather stay inside so if I was going to go somewhere I’d rather go somewhere with pleasant warm but not overly hot temperatures!

  2. Reykjavik, Iceland! I have always wanted to visit Iceland and see the volcanoes and the Northern Lights. The volcanoes in Iceland form differently than those at home in Hawaii {ours form from a hot spot}. I’m a volcanologist, and it would be a dream trip.

  3. Reykjavik Iceland? I don’t think so. Snow and cold are ok, but not such a large dose.

  4. Iceland. I can think of a lot of places I would rather go. Belize comes to mind, even though there’s no snow there.

  5. Australia would be a great place to do but I have really always wanted to visit Iceland. So much beautiful nature like glaciers, thermal waters, etc

  6. I don’t think you even looked at my answers! Iceland when I want to stay under the blankets all day and read?

  7. Tiland heck no, I rather go to a tropical climate not Tiland that’s stupid! Not my style!

  8. Looks like your quizzes are correct about past questions .
    Keep up the good quizzes ( you might get to know a lot more about us weather Geeks.

  9. A good 20+ ” snow storm makes things look Clean ( for A while).
    Kelly Cas must remember the 1993 March Blizzard, she forecasted it up north.

  10. Came up with Reykjavik, and further supports my retirement and move to Eagle River, Wisconsin.

  11. I got Costa Rica. When I was younger I thought it would be fun to go there with Audubon for the over wintering birds, but I never got there. Now the only place I want to go is Scotland, and stay for a year!

  12. Iceland! Yeah, if the questions would have been about rain it would have picked a rain forest. I just love being outdoors in the weather.

  13. San Jose Costa Rica sounds very nice. However I would prefer Lyon, France!

  14. Barcelona, Spain? No even on my bucket list…let’s think small town or village in England.

  15. Reykjavik Iceland! Wow!! That would be great! Would hope to see the Northern Lights!!!!

  16. Bangkok Thailand—no way. Too much immoral activity, hot and humid. I’d rather get to a nice hotel (during good weather) with a view, backup generators and good restaurant in Austria or Switzerland. Then just lay back and watch

  17. My answer was Dubai, even though its a interesting and beautiful city to visit, the description said I was lively and energetic which I am not really. But I wouldn’t mind visiting.

  18. Based on my answers it said to visit Reykjavik, Iceland. That’s right on the mark…been there three times, all during winter and want to go back again.

  19. Roma! I love it! Perfect! I had a really hard time imagining what I’d do on a snow day, we don’t have many of those in San Francisco, but every 20 years or so a few flakes fall, then melt when they hit the ground.

  20. NO Way! Not Rome. Not into big cities.
    would prefer a country cottage setting. Lots of snow and trees around.
    Switzerland would be more like it!

  21. Reykjavik, Iceland???? Uh, one of the advantages of being retired is that I don’t HAVE to go out in the snow! Always wanted to visit Costa Rica, though, and would never mind going back to Rome.

  22. This quiz gave me a better result than some of the previous ones! My results was Reykjavik, Iceland. I recently spent a couple of weeks in Arctic Norway, in fact! And YES, we did see the Northern Lights, and they are AMAZING!

  23. It picked Reykjavik Iceland for me to go to. I love the snow and don’t mind the cold BUT There is not much that can beat out cities like Interlaken or Zermatt Switzerland in the winter.

  24. Rome Italy for me! That’s perfect Weather Channel you know me so well! Not just for the weather and scenery but also the FOOD! Italian pizza is so good and so different than pizza here in America! Haven’t been back to Rome since my senior class trip in 1990. Would love to go back soon!

  25. I got Rome, Italy! I would love to enjoy the pizza in Rome! But as much as I would like to go to Rome, it would be a long flight from Chicago.

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