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Quiz: Tell Us Your Weather Preferences and We’ll Guess Your Hair and Eye Color

You’re probably wondering, “How could the people at We Love Weather possibly guess my hair and eye color based on 8 weather questions? They’re not that good, are they?” Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Take the quiz and find out yourself how accurate our prediction is!

Did we get it right? Let us know your results in the comments below!

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  1. Oops. You predicted brown eyes and brown hair. The Survey Says: Blue Eyes and Blond Hair! Now may I proceed to the lightning round?

  2. You were close. You said brown hair and brown eyes – my hair was brown but now is gray; I do have brown eyes.

  3. Wrong hair and eye color! Sorry guys I’m just not like all the others! I never belong in the group!

  4. My hair was brown about 30 years ago, mixed gray now and my eyes are blue, never brown….don’t wear colored contacts…you missed the boat

  5. Somewhat close, though I have hazel brown eyes as opposed to strictly brown eyes. But yes on the brown hair.

  6. NanaMT

    Totally Off!!! Maybe in my dreams I have blonde hair and blue eyes. In reality I’m gray (used to be dark brown) with bassett hound browns!!!!

  7. Fairly close. My hair is dark brown with gray (although I shave it bald) and my eye color is hazel brown with steaks of green and blue. Not bad.

  8. You said red hair and blue eyes. I have black hair and brown eyes. The exception that proves the rule?