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Quiz: Tell Us Your Weather Preferences and We’ll Guess Your Hair and Eye Color

You’re probably wondering, “How could the people at We Love Weather possibly guess my hair and eye color based on 8 weather questions? They’re not that good, are they?” Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Take the quiz and find out yourself how accurate our prediction is!

Did we get it right? Let us know your results in the comments below!

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  1. Didn’t get it right! I am not a red head with blue eyes – though I wouldn’t mind actually!

  2. I’m the exact opposite of what they said. They told me that I had brown hair and green eyes. I actually have blonde hair and blue eyes

  3. Yes you got it right, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Love the quizzes thank you so much for the entertainment tonight I had with this one email alonel Wonderful Weather Channel watch all the time and go to bed lots of times with The Weather Channel on until I get too sleepy then off to dreamland.

  4. Nope, brown hair and green eyes. I like all of the celestial events–and have seen all three. I like all the clouds, too.

  5. B & B correct. But I liked almost all of the choices we were offered, so what does that say ? Thank GOD that the seasons and weather change, makes it interesting. I love all that nature has to offer us.

  6. i’m the opposite of your results. however, maybe i had brown hair and brown eyes in another life..who knows?