Quiz: How Spring Impacts Our Environment

For humans, the spring equinox means gearing up for warmer weather and enjoying the floral views. But for animals and insects, it signals the start to a whole new season of life that requires a lot of energy and hard work. Take the quiz to see if you know the true impacts spring has on animals that pollinate, hibernate, and migrate!

Did you learn something about the environment we live in and all the different changes that happen when the seasons change? Tell us your score in the comments below!

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  1. I got 4 out of 10 correct. I would’ve guessed bees are more attracted to yellow and orange because of the brighter colors. I always thought if you wear bright colors, the more bees get attracted to you

  2. Great quiz. I took them all. This is a very positive way to be interactive with the audience. I love this stuff. Opinion responses mean well, but so often people give theirs with so many unnecessary negatives. This brings others ‘out of the woodwork’ to do the same….i call them drag racers because they sure drag down the topic so quickly.

  3. Hey! I got 9 out 10- the bat question got me- does it matter that this was the second try..??

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