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Quiz: This Picture Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Emotion

Life is full of ups and downs, curveballs and homeruns, and sweet and sour days. Our emotions dominate how we handle what life throws at us, but which one is the most dominant in your life? Answer the questions about these weather and nature photos to see if love, joy, anger, sadness, or fear is at the forefront of your feelings!

What was your result? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Sadness? I don’t know about that. Laid back and casual maybe. Quiet and introspective at times. I guess it depends on how long before payday and how the snacks are holding out.

  2. I took the quiz twice with two different results and they were both way off the mark to describe me! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!

  3. If I was to describe myself, sentence for sentence would be pretty much the opposite starting with the title joy.

  4. It described me as ‘love’, quite accurate. Loved the photos – it was interesting to see what some of the descriptive selections were for the pictures… Love the weather channel too!
    Lots of Love, haha

  5. I’d say the results were quite accurate. However, a few of the scenes simply made me feel the appreciation of nature rather than the descriptive words given.

    1. ♪♪ Let’s get physical, not cynical / Come on now / Let’s get physical, not cynical / Let me see you being typical / Come on now ♪♪ #emotiontune

  6. What the world needs more of “LOVE” !! Wish folks would take more time to appreciate the dynamic and fragile planet we exist on. And that the planet will take back what is not ours when it can no longer sustain humanity . . .

  7. Well, I have never been called a joyful person, but I will take it and hold it close!!

  8. I got love, about how much I like to help my friends. And also how I always, make sure I tell the people in my life that I love them. That is very true.

  9. I don’t know how that worked but it certainly described me “Love”

  10. The test says I am mellow and low maintenance, and also observant when it comes to my surroundings. In touch with my emotions and how my environment makes me feel. To that I would add “Experiencing the majesty of nature teaches me humility because the Creator of it reigns supreme.” I LOVE WEATHER!

  11. Joyful! Really way off the mark for me since I am dying of cancer. As one who has conducted extensive academic research on emotional intelligence and instruments to evaluate personality, these photos were still beautiful to look at!

    1. ♪♪ Joyful and triumphant / Oh, come let us adore him / Oh, Christ the Lord ♪♪ 🙂

  12. Describes me perfectly. I always look for the good in everything.

  13. Mine answer is LOVE, which is true about my family and friends. I’m always there for them if they need me. Also I was a Home Health Aide awhile ago and I’m thinking about getting back into that again. It made me feel good, helping people.

  14. You are so right….but I love stormy weather…grey, dark skies…so energizing.

  15. Joy. That is what I am told by my friends, but I also can face the harsh realities this old world throws at me.

    1. @tornadicx Shalena, as country superstar Tracy Byrd would put it, ♪♪ You’ve gotten big love / You’re wild and free / You have room to grow as big as your dreams / Deep as a river raging flows / As if every star glows / You’ve gotten big love ♪♪ #lovedominates 😀

  16. Mine said I am joyful. I disagree that is my dominant emotion, but I can be hyper without sugar. Maybe they’re onto something..

  17. We Love Weather nailed my dominant emotion. Although my temper gets in my way often, I am cautiously optimistic. Moreover, I am ready to defend my girls, especially my mother. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, what is your dominant emotion? #justcurious 😀

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