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Quiz: Which Meteorologist Are You? (Part I)

If you’re a big fan of The Weather Channel, which you probably are if you’re reading this sentence, you’ve most likely wondered… Which meteorologist does your personality most align with? Luckily for you, this quiz will reveal the answer. Between Chris Bruin, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno, Tom Niziol, Maria LaRosa, Alex Wallace, and Chris Warren, which meteorologist are you most like?

Put your results in the comments and be on the lookout for Part II of this quiz!

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  1. Tom Niziol! Yes! What brand of warm gloves should I own? Cause I’m going out in February!

  2. What a surprise, I am Chris Bruin, the new weatherman. Good Luck to you and weather rock on!!!

  3. I’m surprised I got Jen Carfagno as my meteorologist. I like all of them, but I figured I’d be more like Jim Cantore than anyother.

  4. Jen Carfagno, she’s awesome but so is the rest of the crew at TWC❣🌞☄

  5. I got Jen Carfagno, she’s awesome. So isn’t everyone on the list, and the ones that weren’t on the list.

  6. Jen Carfagno yes, happy as a clam :))
    Do want to say, think everyone is wonderful and make a great team !
    Love the TWC !

  7. Jen Carfagno. I see she appreciates all the finer things in life, like the beach. 😁👍👍

  8. Maria LaRosa. I was hoping so because her love for astronomy like my Dad had!

  9. Maria LaRosa

    You’re most like the one and only Maria LaRosa! Maria is passionate not only about the weather, but space as well. Her love of science is contagious, her kindness is abundant, and her intelligence is off the charts.

  10. Jen Carfano
    You’re most like the Dew Point Diva herself! Jen loves warm weather and all-things-tropical, and appreciates the beauty of nature and science. Her weather experience and expertise are unparalleled!

    It would seem we have a lot in common! Beside… She’s gorgeous.

  11. Alex Wallace – I’m proud to be like Alex Wallace. I love to watch the Weather Channel and enjoy watching all of the meteorologists.

  12. Tom Niziol – They are all good, so much fun to watch and very informative.

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