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Quiz: Answer These Weather Questions And We’ll Guess Your Age

Do you think we can we can guess your age based on some weather questions? We’re up for the challenge! All you have to do is answer the questions and we’ll tell you how old you are at heart.

How did we do? Did we get it right or were we way off? Tell us your results in the comments below!

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  1. You just made me feel 20 years younger. You guessed 49 and I just turned 69. Thanks for the recharge.

  2. The description of being an outdoor person is right on. The age… WAY OFF!
    Says I’m 23. Thanks, I’ll be 52 next month.

  3. You guessed 49 and I am 62. I feel like a new woman now!! Thanks!!! I could not live without weather forecasts and severe storm coverage. Thank you from a true weather geek!!!!

  4. Ha ha you guessed 23. Way off. I’m 59 but thanks. I stay active as much as possible!

  5. Thank you for showing me my “true” age of 23… only 30 years off, but, oh well!

  6. you’re not even close but thanks for the compliment! I’m not anywhere near 23, I remember hurricane Hazel!

  7. Never got to take the quiz so I must not even exist. “Let’s play” took me to the end of quiz and asked, “Well, how’d we do”?—Not well, I’m afraid. 🙂

  8. I’m not even a teen and I got 39! I skipped a grade and I am mature. I am also bilingual.

  9. Well, you said I was 6 …..HOWEVER….
    I just turned 71. I enjoyed the quiz but don’t give up your day job. Haha haha.

  10. Though I’m 60, you were kind enough to say I’m 49. Thanks for the smile

  11. Well, you got close.I just turned 48 on July 8th. Im feeling my age,and counting my grey hair.

  12. 64: You know the importance of having a good attitude in life. You value feeling secure, and devotion and respect are two traits you can identify with.

    Um… I’m only 18!!! The description is pretty much me though…

  13. Off by 20 years on the age guess but the description is pretty much spot on.

  14. You say I’m 23, my mind often thinks I’m 28, BUT my birth certificate (born 9/23/1951) argues.
    I’ll go with you lol

  15. The description is totally correct, just 46 years off! Why, thank you! I’m “young at weather heart!”

  16. Boy, there are a lot of young old people! My results made me 42 years younger, three years younger than our youngest child!

  17. Thanks Weather Channel for making us all feel young at heart! You guessed 18 for me & I’m 62!

  18. Thank you! You pegged me at 49, and I’ve circled Sol 25 times since that age.

  19. You were way off in guessing my age based on weather questions. I’m actually 46 and not 64.

  20. On my age guessing quiz, bad. You code 36 years old, I am 70 yes old. Good try. Young in heart, just older in body.

  21. It was about 10 years off, which is true with what I look like lol anyway, I’d love the weather app on my phone BUT according to the website, it only does iPhones not androids.

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