Meteorologists & Weather: A Love Story

Love is in the air at The Weather Channel today…. but let’s face it, love is always in the air here when it comes to weather. Our meteorologists have such a burning passion for all things weather that they may love it more than some people they know. We asked them about their love affair with meteorology, and if you know them at all, the answers probably won’t surprise you.

What do you love most about meteorology?

It’s almost never the same.  Keeps the relationship feeling fresh. – Alex Wallace, On-Camera Meteorologist

What’s not to love? You got sun, you got clouds. There’s snow, wind, thunder, lightning, heat, and cold. So much to love and chat about on a daily basis! Never gets boring! – Kelly Cass, On-Camera Meteorologist

Being asked by every single person I meet EVER, “how do you like having a job where you can be wrong half the time and not be fired?” – Mark Elliot, On-Camera Meteorologist

The way the air moves. From high to low pressure, but curving because the earth is rotating. It’s like an unending dance. – Jen Carfagno, On-Camera Meteorologist

When did you know meteorology was “the one” for you?

It was love at first isodrosotherm (line of constant dew points!). – Carfagno

We first met in 1993 when it gave me the gift of the Blizzard of 1993.   – Wallace

After a dark and stormy night and a long walk on the beach, I just knew. – Elliot

I fell in love with meteorology during the blizzard of 93. I braved strong winds, blowing snow, wind chills around zero. What didn’t kill me made me stronger, and more appreciative of what Mother Nature was capable of! – Cass

Describe your feelings toward weather in one word.

Phobophobia – Elliot

Amazing – Cass

Inspiring – Carfagno

What is your perfect weather-related Valentine’s Day date?

Since Valentine’s day is mid February, I’d love to be at a ski resort with lots of fresh powder, blue skies, and 32 degrees with no wind. – Cass

Outdoor country music concert after a storm with dissipating cumulonimbus clouds reflecting the light at sunset. – Carfagno

Riding out a storm in a shelter with that special someone… and then not coming out for a bit extra once the all clear is given.  Bow chicka waa waaaaa. – Elliot

What weather-related gift would you like to get for Valentine’s Day instead of chocolates, balloons, etc?

One of those mini calendars that has a piece of weather trivia for each day. – Wallace

A personal weather station… because it means we’re getting personal. – Elliot

An anemometer for my iPhone. – Carfagno

A space in my yard, prepped for gardening, with flowers & veggies ready to go! – Cass

How would you describe “perfect weather”?

Mid 70s, sunshine and a slight breeze.  Oh and it has to be low humidity.  I could live in those conditions 24/7. – Wallace

Perfect weather for me is a mix of sun and clouds, 74 degrees, northwest wind 5-15 mph. – Cass

Perfect weather for me – south winds, temp 80, dew point 60, few fair weather cumulus clouds.  Some cumulus congestus on the seabreeze inland. – Carfagno

Wherever you are with me, it’s perfect enough. – Elliot

What’s the geekiest thing you’ve done because of your love of weather?

Filled out a weather question survey as if I was on a cheesy game show….. – Elliot

One day at work, there was a severe thunderstorm approaching the Weather Channel headquarters.  So a bunch of us went up to the top floor of the building to see the storm move through.  We were all gazing out the window like a kid at the airport staring at planes taking off and landing.  – Wallace

Pulled  the car over, while carpooling my kids and their friends from school, to take pictures and video of sundogs (little mini rainbows on either side of the sun) – Cass

When I visited a North Georgia winery and stopped to snap a picture with their automated weather station! – Carfagno


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  1. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, ♪♪ Living on love / Buying on time / Without somebody, nothing is worth a dime / Just like an old-fashioned storybook rhyme / Living on love / It sounds simple, that’s what you’re thinking / But love can walk through fire without blinking / It doesn’t take much when you get enough /  Living on love ♪♪ ~Alan Jackson #loveatTWC💕🔥💑

  2. Happy Valentines Day, day after, to all my weather friends, out there; also include, the Weather Channel.

    I live in San Diego. The weather is much the same, all year….sunny!! I’m bored!! I would like to know what it’s like to experience a weather phenomenon, like a tornado.

    1. marston5000, I think tornadoes are cool, but if you watch Tornado Alley, you would not want a tornado where you live. But anywhere else, like a waterspout (tornado on water) might be fun.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite weather blonde-ginger @alexwilson, the coolest weather woman since a box of chocolates! #ILoveWXwomen 🙂

  4. Wishing all of you a happy Valentine’s day.
    And be safe when you are out in the weather reporting.

    1. I bet that @liana-brackett sings these lyrics from the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift: ♪♪ Marry me, Juliet / You never have to be alone / I love you and that’s all I care about / I talked to your dad / Go ahead and pick out a white dress / It’s a love story / Baby, just say yes ♪♪  #lovesong 💕👰😍

  5. I agree 100% with Alex Wallace’s “perfect weather”. T-shirt and shorts year round. Unfortunately I live in central Illinois, so my perfect weather days are limited.

    1. My benevolent type of weather equals a mix of clouds and sun, temperatures in the sixties and/or seventies, a gentle breeze from the north, and comfortable humidity and/or dew point values.  #perfectpersonalweather 👍😎⛅️⬆️

  6. To everyone at the Weather Channel, rather in front of the public, or in the background doing the work so the meteorologist’s can broadcast the weather, Happy Valentine’s Day. I love y’all’s work daily.

    1. I love asking people questions about weather, giving the forecast, mentoring people how to be safe and ready when inclement weather happens, and tracking severe weather. After all, The Weather Channel sparked my passion for weather. Concisely, I am a weather nerd. #wxgeekforever 😀

  7. When I was a child, one career I remember wanting to pursue was being a meteorologist (or “weatherman” in those days). At times, I wonder what it would have been like if I had followed up on it when I went to college. Maybe this is why I am following The Weather Channel?

  8. Want to wish all the weather channel meterologist’s a Happy Valentines day and the rest of the staff too !

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