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What Inspired My Fascination with Meteorology

I’ve always been into science.  As a little kid I went to space camp and was drawn to anything that had to do with biology, chemistry, oceanography, geology, math, physics, etc…

When I started college I took as many math and science classes that I could find!  I fell in love with meteorology because it used multiple disciplines, it was challenging and ever changing.  I finally understood why the sky is blue, why it would rain on one side of the street and not the other during a summer thunderstorm, and of course much more.  I was fascinated by the weather and inspired to learn and understand more.

FullSizeRender (3)A photo of me at Space Camp

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  1. You are fun. You make weather fun. Even the worst weather your report sounds fun. Your hamburger stack analogy is a great way to simplify a very complex and dynamic science. And dang it! you’re not bad to look at while you do it! Sorry. Had to say it. Not to take anything away from all the great woman weather geeks there, but you, Jim, and Jen are the voice of the weather channel to me. Weekdays 6am – 9am. Best time of my morning before work. Keep rockin it.

  2. Stephanie, I can understand where you are coming from with all the college courses you took, you are a go getter Meteorologist >>>> You have a lot of enthusiastic for the weather and explains what is happening!!! I enjoy seeing you and keep up the great work!!!! I love your dresses, all the ladies have great styles that become who they are!

  3. Stephanie-your enthusiasm is contagious.We love watching you deliver the weather inf. Hugs, Ar and Steve

  4. hi Stephanie this is Paul you already know me I want you to know that I want to thank you for been there doing the weather I just love spending time with you in the morning it makes all perfect. Stephanie I want to you thank you for been there and keep up the good work my dear 💗💗💗

  5. Forecastman, Stephanie, I am a big fan, you are Beautiful, have you been married, Kids, engaged. You are not on the TV enough, You are the Best,
    good Luck and Best Wishes. Are you/Cantore a item??? You work well together. You do have a very good sense of Humor, TomBoy!!! Steve from Rapid City, SD.

  6. Stephanie you are a pleasure to watch and I love your humor. I miss seeing you and Al together, but as geeks of the weather we both know that nothing lasts forever !

  7. You and jim cantore are my favorite meteorologists ever because of you two I love the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I do TWC in the early morns. and again around 7:00p-

    I enjoy watching the total team effort being displayed on both morn. and evening shows-

    For sure there isn’t an “I” in team-

    Your ratings will always be a reflection of the team effort being displayed-

    Kudos to all-

  9. Stephanie I am a huge fan . Like the way you break things down & explain everything. Growing up & still living & working on a farm & also being a rural mail carrier the weather affectes almost everything I do so it’s great the way you keep us informed! Keep up the great work !! & thank you !! Eric , Jasper Indiana

  10. Stephanie, I too excelled in science in high school. Aced every test. Even took astronomy. Aced that too. Walking to school, ( I was 7/8) there was a thunder storm brewing. Started to rain. Thunder clapped,lightening flashed! I went under a sappling to try and get out of the rain. The lightening struck the sappling and bounced to me. Boy…..i’ll tell ya, that was enlightening to say the least. Definately got my attention! When I was in high school, I never persued meteorology. But my son has. He is now in The Air Force for the long haul studying weather. He’s pretty good at it too. Im a huge fan of The Weather Channel. You and Jim Cantore are my favs.

  11. Stephanie, I love reading your inspirational fascination for meteorology. In fact, I give it 10 out of 10 stars. Now, please let me share with you my story about my passion for meteorology.

    The Weather Channel sparked my passion for weather. In fact, I have watched TWC since the very beginning. Furthermore, I have been studying weather since I was three years old. I love asking people questions about weather, giving the forecast, mentoring people how to be safe and ready when inclement weather happens, providing frequent weather updates, and tracking severe weather. In a nutshell, I am a colossal weather nerd. #wxgeekforlife #itsamazingoutthere 😀

    By the way, your smile at your local space camp was totally awesome. LOL!

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