The Hustle and Bustle of Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is a time where we can all gather with and celebrate the people we love most. Unfortunately for some, this reunion requires quite a bit of travel. Nearly 50 million Americans are traveling at least 50 miles for the Thanksgiving holiday to be with loved ones. Are you one of them?

Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, it pays to know what to expect of the weather and the price of traveling. For example, if you plan on staying at a hotel, you will likely see an increase of about 4% in room prices per night. If you need to rent a car, the average price per day this year is $52. Keep an eye on the weather in the area you’re travleing to, and be sure to plan accordingly.

If you’re on the road at any time during Thanksgiving week, you know how bad traffic can be. In some parts of the country, it can be cold, snowy, and icy, making the roads even more dangerous. In fact, last year 20-40% of the country was covered in snow during Thanksgiving week. But fear not, travelers. This year, a majority who hit the road will not encounter snowy conditions, so your ride should be smooth-sailing. Another silver lining you can look forward to if you’re driving is reduced gas prices. The average gas price will be around $2.16/gallon, which is 11 cents cheaper than last year’s Thanksgiving prices. Talk about thankful!

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 8.41.40 AM

Flying, however, will not yield such positive results for your wallet. For the 7% of people who will be flying to their holiday destination, flight fares are up a whopping 21%! The average round trip flight for one of the top 40 routes comes out to about $205. 

So where is everyone going you ask? These are the 10 cities that most people are traveling to this year:

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.09.32 PM

No matter where you’re traveling or how you’re getting there, be sure to stay safe this Thanksgiving! Spend some quality time with the people you love and remember what this holiday is all about. Tell us what your Thanksgiving plans are below!

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  1. Ugh. Winter weather hitting during THanksgiving travel. Make sure you have travel insurance for delays, bags lost, weather. CSA Travel Protection saved us last year.

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