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Four Seasons

Summer Ice Cream

Spring Flowers

Rainy Day

Fill in the Weather on the Map!

Cumulus Clouds


Fill in the Temperature on the Thermometer!

Experiment: How Carbon Dioxide Impacts Our Oceans

Meteorologist Mark Elliot performs an experiment that demonstrates how different factors change the nature of water, just like how atmospheric conditions change our oceans!

Hurricane in a Bowl

Tevin Wooten demonstrates a crazy experiment… Making a hurricane in a bowl!

Make a Cloud in a Bottle!

It’s time to make your own cloud! Jen Carfagno tells you what items from your home you need to complete this experiment.

A “Cool” Lesson on CO2

Looking for a fun experiment to try at home with your kids? Here’s one that teaches a lesson on CO2 using dry ice!

Backyard Tree Identification

Are you or your kids tree lovers? Get outside and do this easy, educational activity!

Make Your Own Backyard Volcano

Mike Seidel explains volcanic eruptions and shows how you can make one yourself in your backyard!

Experiment: The Physics of Friction

Tevin Wooten explains the physics of friction by making his own hoverboard to zoom across the counter!

Atmospheric Waves Demonstration (Using a Slinky!)

Tevin Wooten uses a Slinky to explain how atmospheric waves work!

The Cohesive Nature of H2O

It’s never too early or too late to learn a bit of chemistry! Paul Goodloe explains the cohesive nature of H2O.