The Weather Community Mourns the Loss of Dave Schwartz

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to let you know that Dave Schwartz has passed away today. As many of you know, Dave was fighting a long battle with cancer.  After beating cancer two times, Dave was diagnosed with stomach cancer after a routine check up at MD Anderson in 2015.   Although most people may find themselves feeling defeated by a third bout with cancer, Dave kept a positive outlook, fueled by a “no kvetching” mentality that he and his wife adopted and his passion for appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Dave was a fan and staff favorite because he so obviously loved what he did and had a unique ability to draw viewers into the fascinating world of weather. His passion for weather was contagious and inspired many to enter the field of meteorology. His passion and love of weather will never be forgotten and he will be greatly missed.

Dave on weather

It’s amazing everywhere. In today’s world, many of us live fast-paced lives. It’s easy to miss how amazing the world in which we live is. Insects, moss and lichens on rocks and telephone poles, sunrises and sunsets, the clouds…on and on. Slow yourself down this weekend. Take a yoga class, attend services, take a hike, take a nap. Do something that slows you down, so you can more easily see how amazing it is out there.

Dave on working at The Weather Channel

I enjoy sitting in front of a computer and digging up interesting things to pass on to viewers. I love creating stories. There are so many reasons why I enjoy coming to work. I’m going to come to work as long as I can come to work. The people are great. I love the weather.

In honor of Dave, we encourage you to all take his advice and slow down this weekend to appreciate the many wonders of Mother Nature.

Read more about Dave’s battle with cancer and positive outlook in this Medium article published earlier this year.

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  1. I watched him from the beginning. He’s dramatic how he conveyed the weather. But, that’s what attracted me to watch him. He was ilike that in life I’m sure. I loved him in weather underground with Mike Bettis. I loved him as a fan and a person. I cry everytime I watch the Weather Channel and he’s not there. 😭😭

  2. The summer has been particularly challenging for my family and last month we said goodbye to my father-in-law. Of course, we’ve all been rather oblivious to what’s been going on. But it has improved and with that comes the return of normalcy. That normalcy includes watching The Weather Channel late afternoon/early evening. I was watching yesterday and wondered if perhaps Dave had the day off. This afternoon, I decided to investigate his “disappearance”….I found out Dave passed last month. I’ve been in tears since. He was the most engaging, interesting, funny, sweet on-air personality and he truly embodied that word, “personality”….he had loads of it!! I never felt like his audience, I felt like his friend and his positivity was infectious!! When he discussed his recent battle with cancer on-air, he made such an impact. I will never forget his advice and his fighting spirit. You will be missed, Dave, count on it. RIP, my friend.

  3. I have just entered this community or I would have commented earlier. Dave Schwartz was a part of my life for many years. Not in person, but still I feel I knew him. During my 7th and 8th grade years, which were two of the worst in my life, he represented that not all was bad in the world. I have to admit having a little teen crush on him back in the late 90s. I loved watching him for years after that time, and cried when I first heard the news. I just hope I can be someone’s hope at a very difficult time like he was mine.

  4. I grew up watching Dave. He had a slow and easy disposition that would draw my attention for hours. I will miss him greatly.

  5. I started watching the Weather Channel back in the mid ’90’s and the very first meteorologist that I noticed was Dave Schwartz and it wasn’t just his giving the forecast but his delivery style. He to me was like a sportscaster delivering weather forecasts; you felt like you were literally in Buffalo, NY when a snow storm was on the way or down in Houston, TX when a tropical depression was in the Gulf of Mexico and I grew up in Jackson, MS and was still living there at that time. He made you prepare for weather like no one I’ve ever seen. He made watching the weather forecast “cool” because it was animated, yet very accurate from him. There will never be another Dave Schwartz because he truly was one of a kind and made you feel like a part of the team.
    Great job Mr Schwartz and God Bless His Family.

  6. DAAAAVE! Nooooo, I’m So sorry to hear he Passed, He Was One of my Favorite moments on WU. He was Very funny, He truly was one of the best meteorologist out there. R.I.P Dave. 🙁
    From your followers from Jackson, MS

  7. I am so sad. I will miss Dave so much. He was so great at what he did. It came so natural to him to connect with his audience. Thanks for bringing him back even for the short time he had left. It was a gift to us all.

  8. I remember watching Dave at night in the 1990s and he sometimes did what I considered the coolest thing… a segue into the local forecast using his voice and arms that was so smooth it was perfection. Just one of many things I will miss from my favorite weatherman ever.

  9. What a great loss. I love his story and it made him even more enjoyable to watch just knowing who he was as a man. Its such a shame TWC makes us dig for info. Like theres a new girl on that I have no idea who she is or how long she’ll be there. Nothing on the sites that I’ve seen yet but I’ll keep digging.

  10. Although I did not know him I feel great sadness for him, his friends, family, and fans.

  11. So sorry to hear this. Such a sweet and funny man. He is up there directing the weather – I just know it!

  12. So heartbroken to hear of Dave’s passing. Gonna miss his WOW. My friend you will be sorely missed.

  13. Such a nice guy and a fine speaker to say nothing of his passion for the supernal.

  14. This was really sad news. He was such a vibrant person, full of life, and I know he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Sending love, hugs and prayers to his family, friends and colleagues at The Weather Channel. 🙁

  15. Ever since heard about Dave Schwartz passing on Saturday I’m so incredibly sad that such genuine and awesome and that has a amazing passion for weather and that I watched on air for a long time has passed away..

  16. So sorry to hear about Dave! He was a great man with a wonderful gift of sharing his love of weather, and I will miss seeing him on TWC

  17. So sorry to hear about Dave Schwartz. I wasn’t aware that he had been ill, but I watched Dave and Alex nearly every day. He was, indeed, a mensch.

  18. This really shocks me! He was one of my favorites. I loved watching him (especially with Alex Wilson together, they really interacted amazing), the way he presented the weather, with so much enthusiasm and love for it was just great. Thank you for that!!

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