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started by GreatWeatherChannelFan, April 24, 2019
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    • I’m GreatWeatherChannelFan. I’m a fan of the weather channel, hence my username. I’m also a fan of Yoshi, and Yoshi is my profile picture.

      I also like pigs.

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      Hello, Señor Pig!  I am Captain Covfefe (no relation to Donald Trump) with your first WLW assignment.  How would you use the word “covfefe” when it comes to weather?  FYI, the most appropriate pronunciation of the word “covfefe” is (cove-fef-fay).  Its derivatives include (but not limit to) covfefecation, covfeffing, covfeffed, covfefecator, covfeffal, and covfeffally.  Enjoy!  #newwords 😀

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