Who has the most weather pictures?

started by WeatherWizard109, August 2, 2018
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    • I have 147+, fight me. JK, but how many do you have? Comment below:

    • 235 and counting, bro! (Photography is one of my hobbies, so I figured I’d combine it with my passion for weather 🙂 )


      • 235+?! Great! Let’s see if you can’t reach 500 by 2019.

      • Challenge accepted! 😀 You gonna do it too?

    • Im always active on th8s website but i have no pics yet. Gonna have some soon.


      • Go wild! The WeLoveWeather community is ready to support you. ❤️☁️

    • I have over 1,500 on just my casual Weather albums (there once was a 1,000 photos per album cap) on my personal Facebook, there are others not there on NatGeo, sold through Adobe Stock, 500px exclusives, and there are many more, many that have never been shared, and many I’ve lost over time. I’ve caught lighting dozens of times, including once freehand while driving:

      I also took the first photo on the Wikipedia article about gustnadoes:

      I’ve documented lightning, flooding, tornadoes, gustnadoes, snow, hail, chinook events, etc haha I’m obsessed!

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      Hmmm. I had a few nice pictures of clouds and the sun shining through palm trees when I lived in Arizona. Then I had a few of clouds and waves after I moved to the Washington coast. And then I dropped my phone in the surf and lost most of them. Luckily these types of pics aren’t recognized as weather. Maybe I’ll be able to start collecting some photos of some passing storms this winter and join the challenges.

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