What is your favortive rainy day activity?

started by s754263, July 15, 2017
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      My number 1 favorite is…….

      going outside to feel, smell and watching the rain.

      2. Watch the weather channel

      3.Make cookies or enjoy a bowl of soup

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      I’m a cloud watcher & love the turbulent skies on stormy days. When it’s over, I watch for mammatus clouds, seen them a lot after thunderstorms. But, if it’s just gray drizzly skies, give me a book to read!

    • I love rain definitely when the rain is side ways as the wind blows I always thought it was cool or when it just pounding on the roof of my house when that happens I look at the storm for a while then I will watch the weather channel for more information about the storm.

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      When it rains, I really enjoy going out and watching the rain, especially if it’s a thunderstorm. I really enjoy the smell and sound of rain. But when I’m not outside, I love watching TV of course. But one of my favorite things to do is paint while it’s raining! I’ve made quite a few paintings while watching the rain fall!

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      If it’s just a cloudy, dull, rainy day then sleep but I can’t always do that! I find it very hard to sleep during storms! Other things I enjoy doing inside, watch TV (including TWC) and drawing.

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      I LOVE to make coffee and sit by the window to watch the rain and curl up with a good book! 🙂

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      Dr. @twcerikanavarro, I love to practice my calligraphy on an ominously rainy day.  Yes, you heard affirmatively.  My seventh-grade English teacher mentored me how to write calligraphy; moreover, I have enjoyed it since.  #artfulwriting 😀

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      We only get rain a few days a year in the Arizona desert  – I’m out dancing in it!


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      I like to look at the radar, watch the storm come in, and watch it storm and watch the lightning

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      I thought I posted in this topic, but it must have been a similar one or a quiz, LOL

      Like Erika, I like to read while enjoying coffee or tea.  Also, watching TV.  If it’s hard enough, I like to have my window open a crack so I can enjoy the sound of it.  Baking is another favorite thing to do.

      Thunderstorms scare me, and they often knock out the power!  I know they can be dangerous, though I find lightning beautiful.  Also, I rather have a thunderstorm during the day because of how loud thunder is!  It would make it hard to sleep.  If there’s no thunder, I like to snooze a bit.  🙂




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      As I read I though about it and I like to do everything that you guys wrote

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