What is a semi-arid climate in plain English?

started by KittyKat, November 30, 2019
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      I was recently in Culver City, CA which had VERY little rain over the Thanksgiving holiday and Friday too.  It was really, really disappointing.

      I tried to find out why, and I found out that it’s “semi-arid”, dryer than surrounding areas but not as dry as the desert.  Why?  My car ended up “spotty” as the area just got a few light showers, then the sun came out.

      All the hype over the rain and snow didn’t pan out in this area which is surrounded by L.A.  And not far from cities like Santa Monica, which is close to the ocean and generally gets more rain than CC.

      CC is also much warmer than SM in the summer, and cooler than downtown in the winter.

      Can anyone explain in simple terms why CC is so dry, even during “storms”?  🙂  I’m not a true weather nerd and don’t get the “lingo”.  🙂



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