Weird winter

started by nancybasinger11, April 23, 2017
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    • I’m concerned about our extremely warm winter in Dallas, Texas.  What if anything does it say about the rest of the year?

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      That we are going to have a hot as hell summer. Indiana is also having warm weather too, and I have warned people that summer is going to be a nightmare. So be prepared for it.

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      Well. I’m With Ya. I Live In Texas Too. Only The Panhandle Got Snow. Warm Winters Are Common Here. Some Times You Might Get A Snow Flurry Once In A While Even Though Its Like 37° Outside. I Haven’t Got Snow In About 3 Years.

    • wasn’t cold enough to kill off the BUGS!

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      The only thing I like about winter is that not many bugs are around!  Nor ants!  I’m really phobic of bugs, esp. the flying kind!  🙁

      They seem to love hot weather, which is one of the many reasons I hate hot weather in the summer & fall which we get in CA.

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