Weather Radios Not Going Off to Advisories/Statements

started by MarkyMark, March 31, 2020
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      I have spoken to the local NWS as well as Midland Radio about this issue and given either an unhelpful response or nothing for the past year.

      I have 3 Reecom weather radios and 1 Midland weather radio that all have a special light for Advisories and Statements as well as a special tone. They even have several types of Advisories and Statements listed in their manuals and in their Alert Blocking list. However, whenever there is an Advisory or Statement put out by the NWS, the radios never go off. All 4 radios get their tests every week successfully and do go off to Watches and Warnings, but never go off to Advisories and Statements. Does anybody know why the radios do not go off to this? I’m thinking the NWS doesn’t bother to send the signals to the radios for them to go off properly to Advisories and Statements for some reason.

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