started by FooFighters, September 24, 2020
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      I will not recommend this site to anyone, mainly because of how bad the site is and how bad Haley and Brandon moderate this forum.

      All I did was rant about what weather.com did in 2019 such as changing locations (mostly ZIP codes) to schools or weird stuff. Then some bully @andymoserweather decided to start bullying me. When I asked Haley and Brandon for help, they wouldn’t delete the troll who uploaded an offensive cereal box photo as their profile photo.

      I am, however, glad someone decided to take action last September by creating a fake @andymozerweather account. But when @andymoserweather came back I nearly had a heart attack and chest pains because of all the stuff he did to me. Had Haley or Brandon decided to delete it, I (and this community) would be healthier today and what I will explain below would never happen. I asked them to delete @andymoserweather two months after he stopped bullying me, since they didn’t delete it for some reason, but they ignored me, so when AndyMoserWeather returned, he called me salty and bullied me again.

      AndyMoserWeather created a new @mesocyclone account with the same cereal box photo. When I asked We Love Weather for help, they said they will take a look at the account (he also created a fake Donald Trump account) but they didn’t do anything until a few months later.

      And even if they did delete @donaldtrump (several months later) they still wouldn’t delete @mesocyclone (who is acting constructively so I will “enjoy this cereal box for years to come”).

      Before you become an active member, or even post, or even join read this, because if you get bullied, the moderators won’t help you.

      Also, >95% of questions asked on the forum are unanswered, so before you ask a question, reading this will save you. Try Googling the answer or posting on another forum. This site is going down the drain.

      When this warning does not appear as one of the most recent posts on the forum, I will recreate this warning.

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      If you don’t like it here then why don’t you leave peacefully…? You’ve constantly filled the forum with your political talk which has no place on this forum and complaining about things that stopped happening months ago and you now willingly admit that you’re going to purposely spam the forums.

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      Because the moderators wouldn’t take care of @andymoserweather bullying me until he came back and I want to warn people before they have the same experience as me. All I will do is post this warning when it’s not really visible on the community forum home page. If a troll starts posting and bullying someone they won’t know about asking the moderators (and the moderators won’t do anything). Plus almost all questions are unanswered, so they should Google it or find solutions.

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      Exactly, @Luesjo12 . I’ve been on this forum for 2 years. @AndyMoserWx is one of the first people who welcomed me with open arms. I have never seen him bully anyone but I saw @FooFighters bullying @AndyMoserWx and spreading rumors about him. All he has are accusations about Andy being other accounts but no proof.

      He even made an inappropriate thread about Andy calling him G*y. Andy tried to keep the forums fun before Foo Fighters ran him off the forum with his bullying and constant baseless, accusations. 

      I honestly think it is @FooFighters intent to fill up the forum to push the limits with the mods. Certainly, they are not here enough to moderate the forums but they probably have jobs outside of the internet.

      I mostly try to ignore this Foo Fighters person because they seem to want to spark arguments. Just look at their previous threads. He had his last account, (FooFighter) deleted. 

      It sucks because the Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands, now every time I see the name, this nonsense comes to mind! LOL


      I honestly wish the moderators would just ban his IP already but until then, we will just have to ignore. 

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      Thank you to the other repliers for making their voices heard! Tired of this constant absurdity as well, hopefully this forum can return to normalcy soon

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      This is Weather I just saw topics about kinda politics and now this. Shaking my head..

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      Can someone ban him please?

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      Good grief people, grow up.  This isn’t high school.




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