Warm Fall in Camden, ME

started by wxnerd_tedd_davis, October 26, 2017
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    • September came up 0.7 degree shy of being the warmest on record (2015 still has that prize), and there were no really hot days (month maximum 83 degrees) . . . but there were no lows in the 40s from the 3rd through the 28th, and even more impressively, no lows 55 or less from the 13th to 27th.

      October is on track to be the warmest on record, and again, it’s the consistency, not the extremes: the maximum of 75 is nothing spectacular, but the month has had only 3 lows in the 30s, and even more impressively, 19 of the first 25 days had highs 65+ and 3 of the other 6 came close.  That’s crazy.

      I wonder if we’re actually going to have winter this year??

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