Walking on ice

started by Pollyanne, January 25, 2018
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      This morning,Jen Carfagno was talking about being on ice. She stated,”when you go on the ice,it’s thinner as you go farther out on the ice”. Im sorry, thats a false statement! I know this because I almost fell through the ice. As you are walking toward “shore”,the ice starts to melt at the edge of the lake or river 1st. It gets soggy. The middle of the lake, would be the thickest.

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      There are two different situations – early season freezing and mid to late season thawing.  Early in the season, ice forms near shore and expands inward.  In a warm spell, especially with a higher sun, after water has frozen solid, including to the center of a body of water, ice will melt first closest to shore provided there is  no snow cover. The sun warms the ground ice interface.  This warmth conducts to the ice.  In addition, if the ice is clear, rays will penetrate the ice and warm the surface below. ( near shore )  This is what you experienced.  The middle of a lake ( not necessarily the deepest water ) tends not to have the thickest ice since there is more heat to dissipate.  In your situation, the thickest ice was most likely between the deepest portion and the shore.  That said, with a woodland lake, radiative cooling is greater away from shore tending to even out  ice thickness.  You did not mention whether or not the body of water you were on is bordered by woodland.  In any event, Jen Carfagno did not provide false information.

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      Technically speaking, the closer to shore, the shallower the water thus less water to freeze.  If the middle of the lake is the deepest water, it would likely not have the thickest ice and not be the safest.  Just wanted to underscore the point.  The only way to accurately determine ice thickness and safety is to bore a hole and measure.

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      Well, thank you for the input manowx.  I guess you’d have to be there. It was Delta Lake near Rome N.Y. I was ice fishing all day. Started back at around 4 pm. Either way, I will not go again. The story is longer tho. Just saying.

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