TWC Local on the 8’s reports on the wrong location!

started by Cloudcounter, June 11, 2019
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      A technology anomaly we experience with Local on the 8’s is that the wrong location is reported. We live in Marion County, Indiana. The Local on the 8’s we receive is for the town of Marion, Indiana, which is 90 miles north of Indianapolis.

      We use the Spectrum/Charter app to stream our cable provider’s live TV feed via a Roku media player. My guess is that there is a programming glitch such that the Local on the 8’s system gets mixed up about the two Marion’s; county vs. town. This situation (streaming TV instead of traditional cable TV) must be something that was not anticipated when the original programming was installed for cable only.

      Not reporting the correct location is potentially life threatening in that we annoyingly receive watches and warnings for a location 90 miles from us AND NOT receive watches and warnings for Indianapolis, where we live.

      I wonder if this is a widespread problem, experienced by streaming app users where there are other location naming anomalies similar to our Marion County and City of Marion situation? I notified Spectrum support, but they didn’t have clue what I was describing, nor offered any remedy to fix the problem. My suggestion is that TWC reach out to Spectrum to identify and correct this nagging problem.

      [Note: The Local Now streaming app correctly identifies our Indianapolis location.]

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      It would more than likely be with Spectrum. As a Cox user I am in Topeka, and on their app I was seeing it on locations for Wichita and Dodge City. But it should match whatever feed is on your DVR lineup.

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      I don’t know about apps and streaming, but on TV I’ve gotten the wrong locations for “local” weather since 2006 when they changed the format of LOT8’s.

      Right now I have Spectrum, which used to be Time Warner.  The cable company has changed hands many times over the years.  Before this it was Comcast.

      But it doesn’t seem to matter who the provider is, they have given me LESS local info over the years.

      It is not as bad as 90 miles away, but they show conditions in cities 25 miles away but not LOCALLY, right here.  The tech exists.

      This is why I turn to my local CBS or NBC, etc. affiliate for local weather.  They even give MICROCLIMATES, which exist in big cites.  Or if the terrain is so variable:  Deserts, mountains, beach, urban, etc.

      I really miss Weatherscan, a 24/7 channel about local weather conditions.  It had no commercials, reality TV shows or meteorologists.  Just weather, 24/7.  And nice music too. This was so long ago, I can’t remember the year.






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      I have the same issue. I live on the Oregon coast and my local on the 8s says I’m in Statesville, nc. Never lived there so I have no idea why it thinks I would be over there. Kinda frustrating since the climate here is way different than North Carolina.

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      Same issue. Spectrum/Charter app shows weather for Statesville, NC. I live in Minnesota???

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      Both Spectrum and Local on the 8’s must have had too much #covfefe to drink if I  were guessing.  That is probably why our locations mess up on those features.  #justacoincidence 🙂

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      I to have the same issue. Live in Atlanta and get Dallas

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