TWC Busted on "The Tonight Show"

started by AndyMoserWX, September 19, 2018
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      Jimmy Fallon caught TWC’s Mike Seidel last night in his monologue on “The Tonight Show”. How did it go? Click on the link below; and give me your comments. Thank you! #TWCgotbusted 😀

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      …Ahhh…now if it was only Jimmy Fallon looking for a new job :<(

    • Fallon obviously didn’t notice how aggressively the bushes just behind Mike were blowing around and how fast that piece of debris blew by just beyond the bushes.  It is obvious from the video that the wind was pretty strong at the spot where Mike was standing and that the two people walking in the background must have been shielded from the wind by something.  If this was a fake, The Weather Channel must have had a giant wind fan set up just to the right of the camera’s field of view, so I’m not buying the whole “It’s a fake” story.

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      Fallon and The Tonight Show – right along with the rest of the late night trash that used to be entertainment – don’t care a rat’s rump about the truth or the whole story. What do they care? The ability to wring a weak laugh out of anything is their bread and butter. They’ve helped to TV into that giant wasteland it was predicted to be.

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      this junk with TWC is just dumb

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        If TWC meteorologists were at the White House when a winter storm hits, then Jimmy Fallon would have a ball talking about it in his monologue.  President Donald Trump would call it “a grande covfefe”.  #twconfallon 📺🎭❄️💩

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