Today Felt like November in Mid Michigan

started by CathieU, October 5, 2018
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    The wonderful weather that we had over the past two days was gone by this morning.  We woke to cloudy skies and very chilly temps.  It didn’t take long for a drizzly rain to move in.  That’s what’s been happening most of the day. It has been cold, very damp, and dark.  I know this is a sample of what is to come so we may as well get used to it.  The upper peninsula received over a inch of snow around Marquette and L’Anse following their severe weather earlier this week. .  On the positive side, our forecast is calling for temperatures back in the 80s next week.

    Our 8:30 PM temperature is 56°F (13°C), the humidity is 97%, and winds are from the southeast at 3 mph.  Skies are overcast and visibility is 10 miles.


    Tonight:  A chance of showers and a possible thunderstorm.  Temperatures rising overnight.   Chance of rain 80%.  Rain amounts could be quarter of an inch.

    Saturday:  Showers and thunderstorms possible.  High 75°F.  South wind 7-13 mph. New rainfall to half an inch possible. Chance of rain 80%.

    Saturday Night:  Showers likely before 2 AM.  Winds north northwest at 7 mph.  Low 54°F.  New rain amounts up to quarter of an inch possible.  Chance of rain 60%




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    Lovely picture, Cathie. I know what you’re saying about the temps. Same here. Warm one day and then chilled to the bone the next. Crazy.

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    of course “chilled to the bone” is an exaggeration

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    exact opposite of me.  hot now, cold coming up.

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