Tired of cold

started by Pollyanne, January 4, 2018
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      I think -33 or -36 is a bit much! What exactly is this storm? Cyclone? Clipper? What? Its been one hellofa winter so far. Im feeling like Mexico or South America sounds warmer.

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      @pollyanne, this weather phenomenon is called bombogenesis.  It occurs when the central pressure of a low-pressure system drops at least twenty-four millibars (24 mb) in twenty-four (24) hours or less. This can occur any time of the year.  We can also call it explosive cyclogenesis (ECG).

      One millibar (mb) equals one hectopascal (hPa).  Thus, 24 mb equal 24 hPa.

      For more information about bombogenesis, please click on this link: Bombogenesis: What Happens When Low Pressure Becomes a Weather ‘Bomb’.  Thank you for asking.  #bombogenesis101 😀

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      Thank you for your answer. No matter what its called, im so tired of the awful cold!! I can only imagine what the Summer brings.

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      @pollyanne, you are welcome!  The cold weather has my going for a bowl of chili and watching the Olympics, just to stay warm.  #pyeongchang2018 😉

      When summer arrives and we start to complain about how it is, we can use the hashtag #ItsSoHot. 😀

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      LOL……for sure! 💋

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