Thursday, Oct. 17-South West Michigan-Clouds And Chill

started by AmazedHuman, October 17, 2019
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      Oh yes…our nights are now getting seriously chilly and our days aren’t all that warm anymore either. Sure does feel like Fall now. At least I can say we aren’t getting any of the massive winds slamming into the East Coast right now. I can say for sure that our chill and our clouds are much easier to cope with…for which I’m so grateful. At least we have power so we can keep warm. How many thousands over that way are now without power? SO many of them…. Boy when the East Coast gets storms – they get STORMS. Probably the only good thing to say about this one is it doesn’t involve snow.

      Currently 44 with an average wind from the WNW of 8 mph. Feels like 39 degrees. Dew Point 39, Barometer 29.97 & rising, Humidity 82%, Visibility 9 mi., Sunrise 7:57 am, Sunset 6:56 pm. Cloudy today. High around 50 possible. NW winds 10 -15 mph.

      Partly cloudy overnight with a low of 32. NNW winds 5 – 10 mph.


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