Streaming please come back soon

started by Arniew, June 24, 2019
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      I used to love to watch the Weather Channel on my computer via streaming when I visit Starbucks in the morning. I have enjoyed the professional personalities on air. However, this mode of transmission of the Weather Channel is presently not available.

      Hopefully the channel is upgrading their technology  and it will appear soon once again.

      I was very fond of not seeing, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, the same COMMERCIALS, or shall I say NO COMMERCIALS on the breaks. Other channels like CNN have the same, mostly pharmaceutical commercials listing disgusting side effects like diarrhea and death, over and over again. I recently was disgusted by the DIAPER DOODY commercial where a dark skinned  man changes a diaper of a caucasian baby, for a drug named AIMOVIG, which is for Migrain Headaches, which they thankfully changed.

      Weather Channel, please bring back to streaming Jim Cantore, Stephany and the rest of the crew.

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      As you can see many of us are complaining about the same issue with no answers from TWC or IMB on this topic.


      Live Weather Video Webpage Gone

      Weather Channel Live Stream Online

      The Weather Channel Live Stream Page

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        TWC has done away with streaming. Technically this can be fixed rapidly, however, TWC is tone deaf to the problem. There are many people who enjoyed watching TWC on their computers. I am one of those people.

        I am going to speculate here but if you recall the former streaming did not play commercials during the breaks when broadcast TV played commercials. This lack of streaming commercials was perhaps not making the expense of stream cost effective for them. I am just guessing.

        The loss of viewers by not having a streaming channel is substantial in my opinion if it includes computers and mobile devices.

        TWC, please restore the streaming!!

        Thank you.


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      Greed is the name of the game. You know, perfectly well, that today you can’t watch or listen to ANYTHING on the computer, your iPhone, your laptop or whatever piece of tech equipment you have without being bombarded with commercials. Most of which we turn off the sound to or do something else while they play, but play they will and evidently must. I’m sorry but if the Weather Channel was able to stream without commercials they still could. Lord knows, they make enough money elsewhere…but will they? Not very darned likely. You have to wonder, in the grand scheme of things, how much companies really do gain by inserting millions of unwanted and often offending, gross commercials into everything, when folks simply turn to something else and quit watching. I think if actually numbers were figured out, they’d realize BIG MISTAKE on their part. But I doubt that will happen.

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        Well, they have to make up for the slow weather days when most aren’t tuning into TWC. That’s the whole point behind advertising, to make money. TWC is a company, they’re not a public TV station. It’s a business. As for no ads on the stream, that’s probably because of carriage agreements TWC has with your provider. The legal stuff is crazy sometimes.


        The stream will be back, just give it time.

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        By cutting out the streaming they are losing millions of potential viewers who prefer mobile and computer viewing. I assume that the delay is due to mere upgrading of the system to make mobile user friendly. They already had streaming working just fine on the computer.

        It has been a long time since it was designated “under construction”. I am sure it will be back.



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      If it is not back for Hurricane season it is never coming back.

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