Scrolling Local Cities in My Area

started by Deblee, September 20, 2020
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      Will someone please help? I need a question answered for my 83 year old Mother. She has the weather channel on all day and she always looks for the weather for the cities in our our area. Recently though, instead of scrolling our local cities, the scrolling starts with a city hundreds of miles away and scrolls through the cities alphabetically. It is agravating for Mom to have to watch the scrolling list of weather for cities that she cares nothing about before she can finally view the weather for her area and the other local cities. Is someone able to explain to me why this format changed, and is there somewhere that we can send a request to have the format changed back? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you

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      You won’t get any help on We Love Weather. Try contacting or your cable provider. Also:


      Read that. It will save you.

    • I have discovered NewsOn for city for local weather forecasts by local weathermen or weatherwomen.

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