Saturday, Nov. 16-South West Michigan-Decades Of Traditional TV Watching Sadly Missing

started by AmazedHuman, November 16, 2019
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      I have watched the Weather Channel for decades. Seriously. I started with Weather Bug a long, long time ago, back when it was new, such fun, and informative and every morning I’d watch the Weather Channel as I sent in my weather reports. Seemed like the Weather Channel was always on. I loved it. And that is indeed, decades of devotion. Weather Bug was taken over and ruined awhile back. Sad. All of us who were a part of it still miss it. Now I can honestly say that I had to give up watching the Weather Channel too due to unfortunate changes, especially Weekend Recharge. Sad.I miss it but some changes are not always for the best. Some are regrettable decisions. So sad. It used to be perfection. Once upon a time.

      Here the cold doesn’t feel nearly as bad with the sun is shining. And it’s doing its best to shine through a thin layer of clouds. Hopefully these will clear out eventually, but in the meantime, there’s enough sunshine working its way through to make it seem okay. So far there is still no precipitation on tap until about next Thursday.  I’m okay with that, too. If the sun peeks through once in awhile with no snow, good enough.

      Currently 28 with an average wind from the E of 10 mph. Feels like 19 degrees. Dew Point 19, Humidity 69%, Barometer 30.51 & falling, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 7:35 am, Sunset 5:17 pm.

      Mostly sunny today with a high around 34 degrees. ESE winds 10 -15 mph.

      Partly cloudy tonight with a low of 21. ESE winds 5 – 10 mph.


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