Reflecting on this hurricane season

started by Mesocyclone, October 15, 2019
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      As you can see above, there is one Tropical Depression Fifteen, and the rest are tropical disturbances that have practically zero chance of forming into anything at all.

      As the title suggests, how do you think this hurricane season stack up to the last few years, with big storms like Dorian?

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      Well, I know you are a bully.

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      Looks like another above average season, which seems to be becoming a normal thing. I doubt anything to compare with 2017.

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      @noahc6 Don’t listen to @mesocyclone, he is a troll who hates me and bullied me last year. He wanted my account deleted and embarassed me after I made random jokes.

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      I’m not sure why both @mesocyclone and the fake accounts aren’t being taken care of even after my emails to the moderators and a response from them. And I wonder why they don’t think @mesocyclone is a troll when he has a cereal box to bully me.

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