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started by glennclarke, April 19, 2019
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      What  ( COMIC ) designed or thought up the new set. I cannot follow the TV . The screen is TOO BIG. What did the meteorologists need to be jumping on and off a STAGE. Ive see a number of on air people almost stumble up and down that lip.  I might as well be 3 feet from an IMAX screen with what you have on air now. Just my opinion but set was fine for months and months. Glenn C.

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      The Weather Channel fell victim to a malicious software attack and are currently trying their best to get back to normal. They’re working with the feds to see what exactly happened at TWC.


      This “new” set isn’t permanent and is actually the set they (IBM) use for and The Weather Channel’s App. This is only temporary and they should go back to the old set once everything gets sorted out. For those missing their local forecasts, this malware/malicious attack is the reason you are also not getting local forecast info.

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      Hi @glennclarke! Yes, the set you’re seeing on air this morning is not permanent. We’ll continue broadcasting from our regular studios ASAP!

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