More Moderators?

started by Tornadicx, June 18, 2020
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      I’m not saying that the moderators are not doing a well enough job on here but I think there are not enough and that perhaps the moderators here don’t have enough time to tend to the community as much.

      What do you all think about us volunteering to moderate the forums? It’s just a suggestion.

    • Why is @mesocyclone3 bullying @foofighter? I agree that we can try to moderate this site as @haleybrennan isn’t doing anything

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      I think they do the best they can with the time that have. She probably hasn’t had the time to review everything yet.

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      @annakendrick47 This is my new account. My old account @foofighter got deleted for some really dumb reason. But the bright side is, they also deleted @mesocyclone3.

    • Hi @foofighters! I’m sorry that your old account got deleted. But that’s good that they removed @mesocyclone3.

      And @tornadicx, @foofighters has been complaining about @haleybrennan ignoring everyone. She probably checks this forum every day but never responds to any of her notifications

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