Mesocyclone and DonaldTrump

started by DeleteMesocyclone, February 28, 2020
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    • @haleybrennan and @brandon_uffner you better delete the @mesocyclone and @donaldtrump accounts that @foofighter is complaining about. Or I will create two fake accounts impersonating them

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      Neither of those accounts have been active on this website for over 4 months now. We will be implementing a double opt-in sign up in the coming weeks so that fake accounts, such as the ones you’re threatening to create, will no longer be possible to make. Please be patient with us as we roll out this new feature and don’t add to the problem of fake accounts on this site.

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      @haleybrennan That does not mean they won’t come back. Those two accounts are TROLLS. Why would you want your forum to look bad because of those two?

      @Mesocyclone is AndyMoserWeather  – they put a cereal box as their photo to make fun of my team. I told them to take it down, they won’t listen. They called me profanities and a liberal. And I don’t have a single clue why it took you three months (July to October 2019) to delete AndyMoserWeather. You just deleted the threads instead of deleting the account.

      They then created a new account (Mesocyclone) and then put that same cereal box as their photo. They lied about me, saying I’m harassing and verbally abusing them when it was really Mesocyclone/AndyMoserWeather harassing/abusing me. They also created a fake @DonaldTrump account impersonating my @DonaldTrump account. Trust me, this forum will look better once you delete them.

      I reported both accounts on 10/14/2019 and you said “we will look into the account ASAP”. NOTHING happened. And now you’re not going to do anything with these accounts? I’ve been waiting FOUR FLIPPING MONTHS for those two to be deleted. Why the hell did you delete only the threads when I asked you to delete AndyMoserWeather? And why do you insist on keeping the trolls? Had you deleted them last July, there would be no @mesocyclone and @deletemesocyclone.


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      If you would like to discuss this further, email"> Our forum is for discussing weather and our email is for tackling problems like this. Once you email us I will reply with the next steps we plan to take.

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      @haleybrennan @brandon_uffner Please, can you delete @mesocyclone and @donaldtrump (the latter impersonating my RealDonaldTrump account)? I’m tired of asking you to delete those two, and I don’t know why you want me to email community at when it’s so easy to press the delete button on both.

      If you don’t do this soon, I will leave the weloveweather community permanently. I apologize for my profane comments, and I would like to stay on this forum. But those two accounts are owned by the troll AndyMoserWeather and it’s really bothersome. Please take this seriously.

      I don’t know how you can justify taking EIGHT MONTHS to delete trolls when it can be done within just a few days. It’s easy as counting to three; you’re probably thinking it’s easier to learn Russian than deleting trolls.


      FooFighter (formerly ArsenalFan)

    • @foofighter It looks like @haleybrennan and the weloveweather moderators don’t care. I suggest you to give it up. If you don’t like those accounts just don’t go on the local on the 8s thread as that’s where @donaldtrump posted, along with the community rules thread where @mesocyclone is

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      @haleybrennan I don’t know why you can’t understand that @mesocyclone is a troll with a cereal box that is considered bullying. Why is nothing being done with a troll?

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      Last time @haleybrennan. Please, for God’s sake, delete @mesocyclone. I don’t understand why you won’t do a single thing when I explained what they did as @mesocyclone and AndyMoserWeather to the fullest. I want to discuss this by emailing community at but you NEVER respond.

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