Mark Elliot is the best!

started by manowx, January 4, 2017
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      I just love it when he calls people “knuckleheads” for being boneheaded on the road during the winter.  I just wish he’d do it more.

    • Expert Member

      Ha!  Thank you for understanding!  Usually people get mad that I’m being “mean” to the people.  But for real…. what are these knuckleheads doing?!?!  😀

      Thanks for watching and putting up with my “Mark-isms.”

      I’ll try to throw in a few more for you this afternoon as there are plenty of people driving through the ice on I-44 and we’ve already seen a few wrecks.

    • Member

      We’ve had some Heavy fog, couldn’t see 1/4 mile ahead. WAY too many people did not have their headlights on… knucklehead was a kinder word than I used.

      • Member

        In heavy fog, headlights actually make visibility worse.

      • Member

        In heavy fog, I can’t see them without their headlights. Ever tried to make a left turn in a foggy situation?

      • Member

        it’s true that you’ll see light but that light will be diffuse.  Outlines will not be discerned no matter how much light is cast on dense fog

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