Lisa Alexander, OWL Open Window for Life. OWL Safety Innovations

started by OWLOPEN, July 25, 2018
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      Weather has always been a big factor in my life, if it’s rainy out ..I am in a different mood , completely than if it’s sunny. When I ask some one how the weather is in their area, I really mean it, because that will determine what type of day they are having. I spend the first few minutes on the phone with my out of town friends discussing the weather, and all thing related. that’s how much it effects my life. Look, I grew up in central NY, the cloudiest, snowiest place imaginable and couldn’t wait to leave for sunnier vistas. Relocated to FLA, learned how to deal with all things weather related there and have been here in the Atlanta area for many years now enjoying all four seasons again. It is a long hot humid summer, but lots to enjoy.

      I pay close attention to weather these days, as my job (manufacturer of a safety device that allows you to escape quickly and safely from your car) actually has a lot to do with weather related issues as road conditions play a huge part in needing our life saver tool.Don’t want to go against forum rules but the name of it is “OWL’ that stands for Open Window for Life; maybe you’ve seen it . It ‘s an amazing tool.  Anyway, we watch the weather channel non stop and take particular interest in flash flood areas and dangerous road conditions because our business seems to “drive’ (no pun intended) in that direction.

      I look forward to chatting with all of you and happy to be a part of the group!


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      It’s good to know that there is such an invention.  Being submerged in water in a car has always been a real fear for me.

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