Lake Ashton Florida Mystery

started by jschuppe, July 7, 2020
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      This perhaps sounds odd, but what would cause “weather” mainly intense thunderstorms to dissipate or even “go around” an area and then reform and strengthen after passing? (land formations, bodies of water, “aliens” lol) Here in south central Florida, we don’t have significant land formations but we do have the ridge that travels down the center of the state. This ridge is just east of our location several miles, but does not seem to disrupt storms other than right here?

      This phenomenon happens quite often as storms approach and it’s as though a “force field“ is around our community and the storms separate and reform. This is especially true of storms traveling east to west but this has happened in all directions as here in the “Sunshine State”, weather can come from any direction.

      Todays storms finally prompted me to write this question to fellow weather enthusiasts and perhaps some professionals would also find this interesting. I have been tempted to contact Weather geared Universities to see if perhaps a grad student might want to explore these strange occurrences.

      I am sure we will be thankful if this phenomenon would occur during an approaching hurricane or even rare tornado……..but this is driving me crazy……

      Thanks and I am looking forward to others thoughts.

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