started by CorBor, October 21, 2019
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      Hi! I’m a senior living in beautiful California coastal area where the weather is either beautiful or gorgeous!
      The sciences- in all areas- have always fascinated me. Lucky enough to make my living in Astronomy, I have questions in all areas of science and can’t wait for my weekly science news updates. The body is slowing down but my curiosity is still rampant. I’ve lived in Nevada and Colorado but am so happy to get back to my home- anywhere in Cali!




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      Nice to hear from you and happy you’re living in a beautiful area. Mine is – sometimes. Not so much on a regular basis as yours :>) Anyway, you are indeed lucky to be making your living in Astronomy. Had I do do it all over again, it would be either Astronomy or Meteorology for me. Too late, but not too late to be still learning and absorbing from any and everywhere all the knowledge of them both I can get. Will be interesting hearing from you and your little corner of the world.

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      @corbor, welcome to the We Love Weather Family!  Can you figure out the true meaning of #covfefe?  Enjoy! 💩

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