Hurricane in Chicago?

started by MikeL1954, June 23, 2017
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      Today I was watching the Weather Channel show “So You Think You’d Survive – Snake Bites and Quicksand” Season 1 Episode 4. One of the topics was surviving if trapped in a hurricane. While someone was talking in the background, video clips were being shown. While I was watching, a scene of Chicago popped up with waves crashing over the lakeshore walkway with the Willis Tower (formerly Sears) and the Trump Tower in the background. I never knew that Chicago had a hurricane. Oops!


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      Haha, that’s something!  Good catch!!

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        Thanks, Alex. Although I don’t think it’s even possible for a hurricane to happen on Lake Michigan. Not enough of the factors needed to make it happen. Maybe a question to be handled on Weather Underground? What do you think?


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        Good idea!!  We’ll have to put Dr. Knabb and Dr. Navarro on it!

    • I could see a hurricane form in Chicago because. If the storm become stationary, the waters were warm to a temperature of 80 degrees, if conditions were right it could very well  be formed to be a hurricane.

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      I could see a hurricane in Chicago with these conditions, probably.

      A high pressure area over Chicago could pull a hurricane that took Katrina’s or the Great Galveston Hurricane’s track, with category 4 or 5 track. If the hurricane held together and wasn’t pulled apart and you had the moisture travel the same speed and direction and have the jet stream or the trough not pull it apart by some reason, then yea, I think it could reach Chicago. I give a hurricane about a 0.001% chance of reaching Chicago, because it would have to go through all that stuff.

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      I enjoy the hurricane coverage on TWC especially the science behind understanding the storms and their progression from tropical waves to hurricane status (or should I more correctly say from Invest to hurricane?).  I liked watching the Hurricane Hunters series when it aired on TWC.  The other day it occurred to me that it would be interesting to have one of the on-air meteorologists actually fly on a hurricane mission, document it, and show it on-air with their experience and impressions.  I do not want anyone put in harm’s way, then again, any takers?

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      Well, there is one way to have a hurricane to hit Chicago: 1. If the Great Lakes grew LARGER ( not like it won’t ), enough warm air, moisture, and instability were put together, then mix the four factors. Also, the reason I say that the great lakes will probably grow, is because of construction; The constant digging ( not just for oil ) and replacing dirt everywhere else, let alone Chicago, will result in the growth of The Great Lakes, Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, and all other lakes. But anyway, If you take all four factors, put them in the right place, at the right time, you could have a Category-1 to a Category-2 hurricane in Chicago.

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      While not a traditional hurricane, you should look into “Hurricane Huron.”  It was a storm in 1996 that looked very Hurricane-like, even though it wasn’t a tropical system.  That said, it was a fascinating storm and caused some big time impacts for the great lakes!!!  Then there are the classic winter lows over the great lakes that have hurricane like qualities, although are completely cold core like the one that sank the Edmond Fitzgerald.

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        Thanks, Mark. I’ll check out Hurricane Huron. I appreciate the information.



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