How does a supercell form during a spring event?

started by AreonyxWeather, May 28, 2017
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    • I have no idea how it forms but I do know supercell form tornadoes when hot and cold air swirl around into a tornado


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      A supercell thunderstorm is a storm that has a rotating updraft – these storms are most likely to produce severe hail, winds and even tornadoes.  These storms are “solo,” meaning they won’t be a part of a line.  A tornado can form from a supercell thunderstorm, but not all supercells produce tornadoes.  NWS Amarillo has a great explainer as well as photos:

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        @alexwilson, supercells are basically the mothers of all thunderstorms since they have their own life cycles and last hours.  Thanks for the great link mentioned above!  I look forward to checking it out.  #supercellDYK 😉

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      The way I understand it, there are three basic ingredients needed for thunderstorm development: Lift (Cold front, dryline, etc.), instability (CAPE), and moisture. A multitude of different factors can determine the intensity of the storms, but that is more complex and much harder to forecast.

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      Absolutely!  You just named 3/4 of SLIM – the acronym we use for the severe factors of shear, lift, instability and moisture.  There is still quite a bit of uncertainty as to why some storms produce tornadoes and some do not.

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        @alexwilson and Dr. @twcerikanavarro, I have contemplated this analogy that I articulate as the #SLIManalogy.  Wind direction or wind speed is to shear as cold front, dryline, and low pressure are to lift; as CAPE is to instability as both humidity and dew point are to moisture.  Now that is a #SLIMbreakdown to easily remember.  ⚡️🌪🌈💦🤓

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