Hi from the semi-tropics of southern California

started by JJinWeston, July 12, 2020
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      lol I meant to say “Hi from the semi-tropics of southern Florida”

      I’m a risk management/insurance guy, so I watch the Weather Channel for the same reasons as Warren Buffett. Originally from Seattle, then 15 years in Los Angeles, now 15 years in southern Florida (traded earthquakes for hurricanes–and thank goodness earthquakes are rare; no The Earthquake Channel). I arrived in Broward County, Florida in August, 2005. Twelve hours before Hurricane Katrina blew through. I stepped out of my truck and my brother-in-law handed me an electric screwdriver and I began helping him put up hurricane shutters. I will never forget the gunshot sound of a 25 pound roof tile being blown into a hurricane shutter by Katrina.

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      I enjoyed reading this.. Thanks for sharing! Katrina was such a devastation….

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      Hi JJinWeston, enjoyed reading your post. Now I’m hoping you stay safe during the rest of this hurricane season. Sounds like something planning to take a swipe at Florida very soon. Keep an eye on that rascal.

    • Hurricane Katrina was so costly and destructive.

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