Hello People…!

started by MsMollimizz, July 26, 2016
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      My name is Jacki…

      We live in the high desert of So. Cal., came down to help his Mom and Sis

      with rent from just south of Yosemite NP. What a change from trees and

      streams to dry desert ! After we moved out we stayed in the area despite

      the dry HOT weather…I’d rather have trees !

      I am also a weather nut, when the rains come I’m out in them soaking

      up Mother Earth’s moisture, I’d be in it all day if I could ! The desert

      don’t get as much rain so I take advantage of every drop I can  :~)

      Gentle Light


    • Awsome being a weather nut isn’t it?




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      Hi Ya”ll! Im Jennifer I live in North Carolina,you know where the weather change”s every 5 minute”s , but right now it”s  very hot here, I don”t remember when it has been so hot here, be safe ya”ll! 

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